Thursday, December 01, 2011

Today seems to be a day for endless signatures, both my renewal lease on my apartment and my contract for BLP, all of which require me to sign / initial in so many places, I'm afraid I'll miss something. I've been a little jumpy and overcaffeinated lately, and I blame too much soda over the holiday, which I had all but given up before that. Of course, my week is not progressing as fruitfully as I would like, which possibly means spending Saturday in the studio catching up and getting ready for next Friday. It doesn't help that I keep getting sidetracked by new ideas and little projects, which seem sort of bittersweet when I know there is no time for executing them anytime in the forseeable future. I did indulge myself with a couple of new collage ideas, which I think might go over well next week if I an manage to get them matted and/or framed before then (a pain now that easy access to Utrecht has been eliminated and I'd need to walk all the way to Blick, though supposedly there is another art supply shop on Wabash I might check into.) I did conceive a couple of lovely covers for some December releases (books by Jane Flett and Becky Peterson), and am progressing on the November books, including havoc. I have hereby declared Fridays as a day devoted to my own writing and the business thereof, so I'm hoping to get it finished up and available tomorrow, as well as some work off to journals that have requested it and some more administrative tasks (blurb soliciting, marketing plans) for girl show which I hope I can get underway.

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