Friday, January 14, 2011

fashion friday: hello 1993

I've been watching old episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210, mostly an awful show that I pretty much stopped watching after my first year of college (and made even more awful post-Buffy), but the fashion from that 4th season has me all nostalgic for early 90's fashion---floral dresses with chunky boots and a proliferation of ribbon chokers like in every scene. We're apparently in the midst of a 90's fashion revival in general, which will no doubt be less painful than the 80's one. I also fell in love with a pair of semi-chunky black lace-up I saw someone wearing on the bus, and think I might have to be getting some. Of course, I pretty much spent my own early 90's in jeans and flannels and maybe the occasional flowing hippie skirt...there was an unfortunate tapestry vest / white t-shirt combo, but we won't talk about that.

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