Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today, there is snow, a whole, messy lot of it. I 've been treading carefully and combatting my neurosis, the one that makes me think I'm going to slip on some ice or snow and wind up in traction (or possibly my body in a snowbank that won't be uncovered til spring.) I am wearing my more snow friendly brown boots, though, and enough clothes for several people (socks under tights under leggings under slip under dress under cardigan) so hopefully I'll be safe and sound. Actually, I would love it if I could just sleep until April, since I cannot quite get enough of it these days. I feel a little like I've been drugged. I'd hoped to make announcement on the new dgp titles that have been selected (you will love them, I promise), but I'm still waiting on a couple poets final response. Otherwise I am tweaking Robyn's (& Robin's) book which if I can get the galleys done in the next week, we are just about ready to go. And there are other books, mid-production, that need to be finished off and released. (Britanny Ober, Joanna Novak, Jules Gibbs, and Emilie Lindemann) plus a ton more that I haven't yet started layout on. If I look at it as seasons, I don't feel so far behind (ie, this is the 2010-2011 season of books), so we still have another few months to go before the next batch. I've actually scheduled books for 2011 and 2012 under this sort of calendar, so hopefully that will help. I am also planning on suspending the open submissions period for this summer (2011) since I am taking enough to last through mid 2012 when we will open up again. There were just too many good things to let them go. Add in a couple zine projects I have cooking, the Arcana deck, and dgp will be very busy the next year or so.

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