Thursday, October 28, 2010

So another week has slipped away and the weather has turned windy, cold, and rather nasty. The cats are going crazy over the leaves blowing outside and I really need to straiten up the tornado that struck both my dining room and the studio downtown. But there is work, and making books, and photographing things. Plus, I seem to be needing an inordinate amount of sleep function lately. Last weekend found me hopping a train to Detroit and Theatre Bizarre, which was sadly canceled at it's intended locale due to code violations (no doubt related to the funhouse, all the stage constructions, and the ferris wheel) but was moved to a theatre downtown instead, and was still glorious fun, all circus banners, sideshow performers, amazing costumes and more. I hope they get everything squared away for next year since we merely got a taste of the whole event and definitely want more.

Otherwise, I am still working slowly through various projects and trying to keep reasonably warm. I have fixed my toner issues, so the chaps from the sale are, for the most part, on their way (or will be tomorrow.) as well as the last two weeks of general orders. I am making progress on book layouts and am halfway through next year's round of submissions, which are once again making me angsty.

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Outsideofacat said...

... angst-inducing manuscripts... i am sorry. hang on in there. and i am looking forward to the reading material from dgp! yay!