Monday, November 01, 2010

november again

things to do in november:

~finish my series of poems about houses in dreams

~drink lots of hazelnut hot chocolate

~make fried apples

~take photographs of dioramas at the Field Museum for an art project

~find the perfect green tea moisturizer and a perfect pair of riding boots

~buy more sweater dresses

~re-read Wuthering Heights

~release several chaps (by Emilie Lindemann, Britanny Ober, Grace Marie Grafton, Alexis Vergalla, Joanna Novak, Julia Cohen/Brandon Shimoda, & more) and Dear American Lovechild, Yours, The Beautiful Undead

~stock the shop with more earrings, cufflinks, flower hairclips, magnet sets, more flasks, brothel coin necklaces, tea towels, totebags, long necklaces, handbags, journals, recycled book envelopes, and jelly jar candles.

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