Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The days, the weeks, and heck, the months seem to be creeping out from under me in a furious whirl of projects, work, and mundane tasks, the going to and fro. I've been amiss in posting, mosly because I scarce have a second where I shouldn't be working on something else, and once one dragon is vanquished, one fire put out, another appears. Some days are good for work, clear headed, cutting and precise, and others, dull and muddy-watered.

Last friday's reading for dgp was awesome and I am continually amazed by the poets who allow us to publish their books. And there are so many more to come, including the big poetry/photo collab by Robyn Art & Robin Barcus Slonina (who incidently had a write-up on her State of the Dress project here). I am working my way slowly through the backlog, and will be releasing some new titles in the next few days, so keep an eye out.

Otherwise, there are Halloween preparations and television vampire indulgences, as well as household tasks and re-arrangements. I moved the poetry shelves into the living room with the fiction ones (which also allows room for expansion), then moved all my fabric and sewing supplies into the dining room instead, where I've actually been using the machine. (not like I'll be hosting any sit-down dinners anytime soon anyway). I've been sewing some more pillows, and have a good start on a bark cloth purse, as well as some necklaces involving the coolest repro vintage brothel tokens. (some of them rather racy and hilarious..)

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