Friday, October 31, 2008

kitty hijinks and the usual ghosts

Yesterday was a weird day and it wasn’t even Halloween yet. I woke up to find that the kittens, in the middle of the night had succeeded in TPing the living room. Then, later, when I ran over to the studio, I was greeted by a door deadbolt locked from inside (apparently my key does in fact work to open, it just takes a little muscle, but since I don’t use the deadbolt, I did not know this. ) When I knocked on the door to ask the manager about it, he said he’d send an engineer and it was
“probably just the Fine Arts Building ghost, bwahaha!”. Oh great. I’m more inclined to believe it was the night crew who emptied the garbage…but nevertheless. Later, there was weirdness again with R that has me bewildered and worried and all the usual emotions associated with him.

I was thinking I might sneak over to the studio tonight to finish a couple of things, but now the idea of being there on a Friday night, with all the ghost talk, I think I’ll just go home..

In other news my Medusa costume was quite a failing, my snakes too slippery, my hair too resistant to to actually attaching them, so I wound up just being a regular old black clad cranky poet-girl today. Maybe I'll stick my head in an oven later just for kicks.

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