Saturday, November 01, 2008

from god's mouth to our ears

This blog just keep getting better and better. Since the other day she has managed to take on Sarah Palin, pro-choicers, etsy admin, "evilution," and yes, even Halloween.

This comment from "god" below the evolution entry had me in hysterics though..

I did make some stupid people (mostly for my own entertainment), but not that many.


Rachel Mallino said...

That person has to either be 1.) joking or 2.) seriously mentally handicapped.

I simply refuse to believe that anyone with half of a working brain could posture themselves on such an absurd platform.

It's one thing to believe in god and (what I believe to be the silly notion of Jesus as god's son) - it's another to go so far as to vehemently condemn the rest of the living world.

As my good pal Charlie Brown would say : "good grief".

K.A. Bell said...

That person has either be seriously deluded or, like Rachel said, mentally handicapped. The whole idea of "God" and "Jesus" is laughable. It's sad to believe that people could possibly be that gullible and/or have that much blind faith. I truly hope that blog is a joke, otherwise my faith in humanity is worse than ever...and I don't have anymore faith in humanity as it is.