Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Saturday in the library. What's worse, a rainy, cold Saturday to have to roll out of bed so damned early and have to be at work. I managed to tend to a few e-mails, put a page up for the next chap, planned out this weeks schedule (which exhausts me just looking at it..),and made a dent in the new crop of wicked alice subs, which reminded me I actually should be starting to get up the April issue before I head out of town. Add in the Poetry Center chap, finalizing the Darger chapbook, and re-stocking the etsy store, which involves not only making things, but alot of photographing and listing them, and I will definitely be needing a vacation in a serious way. Of course, it's technically a working vacation, since I'll be doing a reading, teaching a workshop, and if I'm lucky, doing some writing. But it's somewhere different and a brief reprieve from both work work and poetry/press work.

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