Sunday, April 13, 2008


I did mention before about the nightmare of finding pet-friendly hotel on the beach in the south did I not? I am taking my parents once again in tow and well, there are The Persians, Isis and Glorificus (who is much larger now and the only cat I've ever met who hates me), who they do not leave home without. Mind you, my cats wil be resting at their house while we are on our trip, but The Persians will be accompanying us to Atlanta and henceforth to Myrtle Beach. Well I had found a hotel, which I had recommended, and since my dad is savvier with travel arrangements, figured we were all set. He wound up finding something else suitable, or so we thought until this evening I checked out the reviews online of the place with growing horror (and the psycho theme mounting in my head.) Now I'm inclined to take these reviews with a grain of salt. Some people expect way too much and get pissy when every little detail is not to their liking. As long as a good number of people can testify to a clean, orderly hotel going experience, I'm willing to give it a shot. This was AWFUL, review after review. I saw mold, theft, and roaches referenced twice an freaked out, canceled the reservations. Of course, finding a pet-freindly motel that was not a nigtmare this late in the game, or even at all, was impossible. Hence we've wound up a bit further from the beach than I'd like (about a five minute walk..) but the Persians can rest easy. I'm starting to get excited about the trip, even though there is so much to do beforehand. I will be leaving next Monday, then will be in Atlanta Tuesday and Wednesday for the reading at GSU, then Myrtle Beach Thursday through Saturday.

And just in time, I finally got around to posting my sea-worthy peices in the shop I finished a while ago. Plus the perfect beach bags (I had to convince my self to sell it and not keep it..)in the wanderlust section.


Talia Reed said...

Did you name those cats or did your parents? It sounds rather poetic and totally appropriate for Persians.

The beach sounds so nice.

kristy bowen said...

Actually Isis, the nicer, yet still pretty aloof, was adopted and came with that name. There was a male they didn't take, her brother we assume, named Osiris. It breaks my heart they split up the pair, but already had like 4 other non-fancy cats at home, and couldn't swing another. My mom and sister, who was living at home at the time and share my love of Buffy, named Glorificus, and of course, call her "glory" for short. I, on the other hand, like to call her "Horrificus." She spends most of her time while I'm there visiting hissing at me or hiding under their bed.