Wednesday, July 11, 2007

fine linkage

Some new additions to your right:

the prick of the spindle




Melissa said...

Hi Kristy! Thanks for plugging blossombones on your blog!!!! Susan and I highly appreciate it! - Melissa, fiction & non-fiction editor, blossombones

Susan said...

Hi Kristy--

Like Melissa, I just wanted to thank you for adding a link to blossombones on your blog. (As we are big fans of wicked alice at blossombones, we were all quite excited!)

And we'll definitely add a link to your journal, as well, once I finish tweaking the blog!

Thanks again!

Susan Slaviero, poetry/hybrid editor, blossombones

Juliet Blood Pudding said...

blossombones looks neat.

And just a quick note to let you know I receievd 'at the hotel andromeda' with today's mail. I haven't yet unfastened the envelope, but it looks to be full of goodies...