Thursday, July 12, 2007


In the process of cleaning things out from beneath my desk in my little corner of the library (it's not even a cubicle since there's only two walls, soon to be three --we're getting new sexy partition walls, thus the purge) I found the following things.

1 pencil
1 stray M&M
13 stray paperclips
the instructions to my desk phone
1 pair of sandals
an old atlas
4 pieces of matteboard
the paper house
box from the printer with about 60 copies The Archaeologist's Daughter that have never made it home
1 green Seattle Space needle pen where the car goes up and down
1 plastic ax

Also decided to tidy the inside of the desk while I was at it, also found:

letter stencils
stickers with bears and other animals dressed like Christmas angels
2 Garbage Pail Kid Cards
1 cherry BlowPop
glow in the dark alien bookmark
a set of Jack Kerouac readings on cassette tape


Talia Reed said...

Wow. You struck gold.

amber said...

glow in the dark aliens really are the best kind of aliens.

i 'heart' seattle.

hear me roar.