Sunday, July 08, 2007

A little rocky on the re-entry here--a million things to do and I have to go back to work tomorrow (insert unenthused yay!)The world feels like a rough and relenting place tonight and I'm anxious for no reason.

Otherwise, a glorious vacation in which included home-cooked breakfasts, naps, big sky, semi-trashy novels, afternoons near the pond, one cookout, one picnic, fireworks, and copious amounts of fried chicken. Also a riverboat casino trip on the Mississippi (one of the last ones operating in Illinois and not for long), which was lovely on the scenery (pelicans!), but which swiftly relieved me of my allocated slot machine money and a little more. My parents love gambling and I wanted to tag along for the ride, but those places make me depressed, mostly older folks loading twenty dollar bill after twenty dollar bill into the machines like zombies.

I did manage, over the course of the week, to finish up all ordering snags in in the bird museum. The second section was the tricky part. I felt like there was some internal logic in the first section, but the second was sort of random, which makes me uneasy. I tend to think better out there in the country somehow (well as country out there as it gets), which is why I'll be going back in August (after a quick detour to Wisconsin).

The reading at Womanmade last Sunday went very well and sold all ten copies of at the hotel andromeda I'd brought along. (Thanks so much for all you lovelies who have ordered it, your copies will be in the mail tomorrow-you're going to love it!)

This weeks projects include getting Orange Girl ready to go in time for the Quimby's reading on Saturday. Also some new collages with the paper I scored both at the craft store in Rockford and some stuff I've swapped, collected, stolen, and otherwise obtained.


Juliet Blood Pudding said...

You're very welcome!

The main branch of the Columbus Public Library is fantastic! I think it has the best contemporary poetry selection I've ever come across. I wonder who orders their books for that section.

Like that Mary Ann Samyn book. I didn't even know she had another book besides 'Captivity Narrative' before I saw this one. It's actually a chapbook put out by the Wick Poetry Series, which is based at Kent State University, also in Ohio. I think Samyn is or at least was an Ohio native, which probably plays into why they had the book at an Ohio library.

kristy bowen said...

I love Mary Ann Samyn! She has a more recent one out called Purr, which I have yet I've yet to read, and another one called Inside the Yellow Dress (didn't like it as much as CN, but still great), all published in the last couple of years. (she's damned productive also apparently..)

Juliet Blood Pudding said...

I'll have to check into those.

I read the chapbook this afternoon and it wasn't bad at all, but not nearly as good as 'Captivity Narrative'--but then again, it was probably her earliest book (came out in 1994).

So far, I'm really digging the Sarah Manguso book I got.