Saturday, September 04, 2021

beautification efforts


The past couple of days I've been doing a shop tidy and making room for some new offerings in the art and paper goods arena, as well as some design services I've been plotting to offer (mostly for writers--promo & social media graphics & trailers, but also mss. critiques I've been offering for the past couple years.). While I've had a lot of branding shifts over the past 15 years or so, I hope to widen the window to include all these things, as well as still make it easy to find things in the dgp series in the morass of the shop.   Luckily, the platform I use has an excellent search function and I need to study how to maximize that better.  The info is actually housed in the shop pages, but sometimes get lost in the menus. The storefront then includes everything else--the services, art, paper, etc. and now everything is in a nifty side menu that looks much better than it did before, both on my laptop and my phone. 

I also have been tweaking socials.  I took a break this summer from updating our Twitter, but will be returning to that this fall as I have a little more time in the mornings before work, (posting to three accounts when I already was doing two (my own and the library's was a bit much.).  So I will be using that to share snippets of books mostly, old and new.  I'll be showcasing new things on my instagram as per usual, but my goal in the fall is to post there more than I currently do (and more actually content than cat and outfit  Also, offering more behind the scenes content in this space as well, including more advice on submissions, what we look for, and such and maybe a little advice on chapbook compiling in general. So stay tuned...

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