Tuesday, April 30, 2019

the science of impossible objects

I've been working to put up some of the work that is out of print or low on available copies up on the website to read totally free of charge and at the click of a link.  More chap & zine projects will be appearing over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those.  First up, THE SCIENCE OF IMPOSSIBLE OBJECTS, released last fall...

dear imaginary daughter

It’s so very American of you to blame your father. To blame the forest for the tree. The roots for their slow decay.  You empty your mouth like a box of toys.  Nothing there, and then everything. Filled with moonlight and knives.  So very precise of you to make a game of it. So Midwestern. You get that from me, my obscene love of algorithms and ghosts. You say the world is always sloping toward you, or worse, sloping away. In the grass, you lay out your tools.  Take your typewriter in the bathtub. Oversleep and burn your eggs daily.  There’s a photo of you in the middle of someone's backyard birthday party, antlers perched atop your head. The Barbie cake was so big it swallowed us all.



for some more info on this project, read this entry from last October...

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