Thursday, March 21, 2019

dance til ur dead

I wanted to write a little more about this movie, mostly because I left the theater in a slightly confused wtf? did I just watch? Since the weekend, I have been reading some reviews and watching some clips (esp. the amazing opening dance scene), and it all makes a little more sense and actually feels like it really almost needed to be seen in the theater--the largeness of the screen and the thumping of the music was conducive to the sort of chaos that the film is.  Or the chaos it dissolves into.   Exactly the sort of fragmented, out of order, messing with time, that I imagine an acid trip would be (and a bad one at that.)

The premise, of course,  is deceptively simple--someone spikes the sangria at the after-rehearsal party of a bunch of dancers holed up in a deserted school. What it is, is so much more, from it's jumbled backwards credits (you get the last scene followed by the credits before the movie starts, then the opening credits in the middle at the point where shit starts to go south. )To it's amazing soundtrack and choreography that dizzyingly spins, much like the camera work, throughout the movie.  There is a lot of wandering down claustrophic hallways and distorted bodies, and a culminating scene that looks a little like hell I would imagine--all contorted bodies and madness.  No one makes it out unscathed. Some do not make it out alive.

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