Friday, March 22, 2019

curvy girl fashion | blue polkadot heaven

I have to admit I've been noticing an increase in plus-sized offerings from retailers of late and even if their clothes aren't my cup of tea..I am liking it.  Anthropologie launched a line a couple weeks back and I just discovered J Crew is offering extended sizes up to 24. While I typically find most J Crew offerings a little too on the preppy side for what i usually wear, I was reading one of the fashion/style blogs I have bookmarked and stumbled upon this bit of loveliness and, at 30 percent off, had to buy it.  Also, admitedly, I was pushing the check-out button as I was saying, "No, you do not need another blue polkadot dress, because you have at least 3-4 already. " but it was too tempting,,I love the puffy sleeves and tend to like dresses like this where the waist falls high, but not too high. 

Besides, this dress is pure spring, and despite the temperature outside, by the time it arrives (it's backordered in my size until Apr 2nd), I should be able to actually wear it without having to pile it on with tights and cardigans and winter coats.

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