Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I came, I saw, I bought | fall dress action

Usually, I save my fashion/decor related posts for the end of the week, but this is technically the end of the week before the long weekend, so I thought it'd be a good time to show you some of the things I've managed to get my hands on in the past month.

This was, if you look back at my earlier post on Modcloth, one of the dresses that I wanted. I had a little extra money after the first of the month and splurged on two dresses--both perfectly fall-like (I say that knowing I should actually now be looking for wintry dresses, but these should be in play through the spring.)  This one was intended to by my Thanksgiving dress, though I did already technically wear it to work, but I still intend to wear it out tomorrow. . I was worried it might be a little on the shorter side, but actually it does come to my knees and the bottom is a really thick and warm cotton knit and definitely hearty enough for the cold if worn with tights.

This one may be the most perfect fall floral I've seen. I haven't worn this out of the house yet, but I love the asymmetrical buttons and the fact that there is elastic at the back that makes it feel stretch without the actual fabric being stretchy. I initially thought it was a brown at first glance, but it's actually a really deep bugundy. I have a newish pair of wine colored tights that should match it perfectly if I wanted to do the monochrome thing, as well as a cardigan that just might match those flowers perfectly (or brown tights and sweater if I don't want to be too matchy matchy).

I've been having an eshakti big order itch lately--so many things I've been marking on pinterest, but haven't been able to place any order at all til recently.  This one is still on it's way, and I almost bought it in the gray, but then I  spotted this color and I thought it might make a good backup Thanksgiving dress (if I happened to change my mind on the Modcloth or had two celebrations to go to.)  Also stretchy in case the turkey & mashed potatoes get the better of me. I don't think it will make it before I leave, but burgundy is one of my favorite colors to wear all winter (especially with my hair as dark as it is now.)  so I can't wait to get my hands on it....

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