Friday, October 26, 2018

curvy girl shopping exploits | modcloth

Occasionally, people in real life ask me, weirdly usually at weird moments like getting on the bus, where I get my clothes, typically more more rubenesque ladies who already are pretty stylish and compliment something I'm wearing.  I usually say Ebay or the thriftstore (tops & cardigans particularly), but sometimes I'll rattle off some more conventional retailers...but the struggle is real.  I spent years wearing the least possibly offensive clothing while most plus size venues (I'm looking at you Lane Bryant) sold a lot of shapeless sacks in horrible prints. There were years I lived in long black skirts and 3/4 sleeve t-shirts/ sweaters because I couldn't find anything else I like.  Over the past few years, things happened that changed this (1) I dropped a couple sizes that just opened up many more options and (2) retailers are finally figuring out that you can totally take a smaller sized piece, add some more fabric, cut it a little more generously,  and WHAT?  same dress, just ya know BIGGER..

I discovered Modcloth several years ago, actually via their blog (where dgp had been profiled in an entry from Laura Davis on chapbook presses) at a time where they had limited plus size markets and were just about to bust things wide open with their sizing options (no pun intended).  At the time, I was still a bit too large for their largest size, but eventually I fit. Some of their vintage-inspired duds err on the size of just a little too twee-ish, but I've found enough super-enticing options to make myself incredibly poor everytime I browse the site (seriously I have Modcloth embargo periods where I have to stay away financially) I've been a Modcloth cheerleader ever since/

Sometimes I can save so much by waiting a few months to see what goes on sale, but you also risk that they will have sold out in your size, so it's a gamble.(I lucked out on the recent purchase of the floral dress I'd been stalking, it was pretty much only in my size by that point). They are one of a couple retailer go-tos I hit outside of my usual Ebay and Poshmark foragings (I try to buy as much as I can second-hand and under $20), but Modcloth is treacherous territory for my bank account (most things run $50 to $100 unless you snag them on sale, but I occasionally splurge.)

Everyone freaked out a year or so back when they were bought out by WalMart (equal parts fair labor complaints (totally legit) and bougie snobbery (people like to hate on discount retail) , but I haven't noticed any change in their clothes, prices, sizes, or service and actually further expansion of plus sizes and their Modcloth brand merch, so I say it's a win.   I've got my eye on a cart-full of things I'll be stalking over the next couple of months to buy before the holidays (those velvet dresses--take my money!), about $500 worth, so obviously I won't be buying them all at once,  but soon...

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