Thursday, October 20, 2016

Little Indie Press Festival

(now updated with photos!)

Tonight is the eve of our second Little Indie Press Festival, an event that kicked off last year with a bang and will hopefully only grow and get better every year.  This year, we're cashing in on Wabash Arts Crawl traffic, which should be useful.  We have a smaller number of exhibitors, but it's a slightly more diverse group in flavor (from literature to book arts to visual artists & comics).  Last year, it came on the heals of another event that took a lot of prep time on my part (our very awesome horror movie trivia night I made all the questions up for), so the day of the fest, I found myself running around like I was on fire and trying to finish up all the last minute details and in general freaking out, almost to the point that it began to feel more like something I had to SURVIVE than something I could, you know, ENJOY. Sad especially since it was completely my idea and pet project--one of the things I'd dreamed we could one day do in the library.

I've realized in the last few months that this the case with most everything I do.  No matter how well prepared I am for things like these, I tend to leave small details for the day of, for the last minute, and those details end up hitting snags and obstacles and the next thing I know, I am crashing through the day trying desperately to reach the finish line.   Most notable of these things seems to be things like AWP, and open studios, and pretty much any event that involves a lot of little, fine details to make happen.  So today, I was resolute.  I would finish everything I had to do for tomorrow TODAY, all the signage needs, getting my dgp table ready to layout, organizing the zine station, corresponding with the orgs & publishers.  Tomorrow, ideally all I will have to do is move furniture, set up the zine supplies, and set out the dgp table. And then maybe, just maybe, actually enjoy the event I have been planning for months.  Maybe.

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