Sunday, October 16, 2016

Today, I slept very late and made french toast.  Today, I wrote a blurb for a friends book.  Today, I put the finishing touches on a draft of the second half of the Plath centos project.  Today, I am not doing much but of course, trying to do everything, especially since next weekend will be busy with Halloween parades and another Sunday shift at the library.  Before that, there is a slew of layouts * cover designs to finish, the Little Indie Press to happen, some thoughts on an exciting non-poetry, library-focused writing project about to take shape. Halloween is getting closer, and I've no costumes plans, but there will be shipwreck-ghost puppets for next weeks parade if all goes well in their construction.

The daylight is noticeably shorter now, and the last couple of days overcast and dull.  The trees, all but the most dallying, are giving up the ghost.  I have pulled out sweater dresses and jackets and boots this past week. I have been trying to give in and embrace fall instead of trying to fight it.  To transform it all in my head into a warm, cozy thing and not a cold,  desolate thing.  I'll let you know how that works out.

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