Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Long time, no blog, but it seems like even my best, most productive days fizzle out before I actually get to turn to this space.  Still, in the library, there has been much afoot, including cooler fall, more moderate temperatures and that icy plunge back into the semester, which has so far bought boring things like spreadsheets, annual report compilations,  and textbook reserves processing, but also a rather successful Game Night followed by our best Zine Night thus far.  Now we're in the thick of it, planning for our Focus Week (taxidermy and nature-focused art) at the end of this month and the upcoming Indie Press Festival happening October 21st. The Focus week includes not only an artists panel and printmaking workshop, but now a Cryptozoology reading, which promises to be fun.  I am also hatching some more poetry related programming for spring.

dgp happenings are chugging along as usual, including assembling and sending out copies of the slew of books I've been working on that released at the end of August and reading new submissions, some of which I have already been sending out responses for.  I am trying to move through at least a few submissions everyday in order to stay within my ideal 3 month response window, but I find too much to love and will have to return to many of the manuscripts for a second read (I admit, a wonderful problem to have.)  I am hopping to be finished by the end of October with all decisions made, so we'll see how it goes.

Creatively, there is the usual struggle with allotting time for creative projects, but while the Dali project has stalled out, I've been spending a little time with some Plath centos for an artists book project I am working on (well, it's more like a project in parts, I'll write more on this later.  It's a strange thing to be living among another poets words, but sometimes, even as much as I like Plath, it feels a little too confining, so hopefully those urges can be channeled back into the Dali pieces. I did start a new batch of paintings that are a little more wildflowery and a little less lush than my other florals and I'm digging them greatly. More soon...

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