Monday, September 19, 2016

I seem to be unusually afflicted with a lack of focus on Mondays, so this may be rambling and foggy and barely an entry at all.   Perhaps it's the weekend, coming off a couple days that were blissfully free from obligation and mostly included sleeping and movie watching and a little bit of writing.  All very nice since I will be chained to the library next Sunday and then off to a conference the following weekend. I get a little resentful when I don't have free and clear weekends, but it seems that won't be happening until we are well into October.  

As for today, studio exploits were productive, and  I did manage to do some preliminary planning for our second Little Indie Press Festival, which is happening in late October, and did some more promo work for next week's UNCANNY SPECIMENS week, but not much else has been happening at my desk today, nor will it be happening before I leave (I also left my sketchbook and to-do lists at home, so I'm sorta flying blind today.)

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