Thursday, August 04, 2016

Much has been afoot in the realms of editing and booknmaking, including all these lovelies.  I am also knee deep in manuscripts for next year, as well as making final cuts for the mermaid project and plotting out how it will manifest. (It's gonna be a box, but I think I just need a bigger box--full of poems and prints and postcards and all sorts of beautiful things.)  The manuscripts are really amazing as well, which will make final decisions super difficult to make in the next couple for month.  Things are still rolling in til the end of August.  I would like to finish up the Dali poems and the collage series I've been working on.  Also get a handle on the release of strange machine, the latest zine project that will be hatching very soon. There are other art and writing projects that are floating in the ether, some of them already underway and some that need to be embarked on. Since I have taken far too many vacations this summer, so I am doomed to work all through August, which means I can work pretty steadily through the month without interruption.  Also, September always being s a new burst of seriousness and get-down-to-businessness.

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