Friday, August 05, 2016

friday frivolity

 Since it's been unreasonably hot the past couple of weeks with only brief repreives, I've already turned my thought toward fall things--warm knits, boots, lots of corduroy.  I also managed to pick up a cheapie leather jacket for a steal on ebay (well, faux leather, but a an uncharacteristically feminine cut and a little bit of ruffle action.)  I'm looking forward to sporting it with, among other things, all my lovely fall florals, a very 90's reminiscent look, but one of my faves.

Also, sweater dresses, a perennial favorite that I simultaneously have way too many of and not nearly enough, but one of my chief favorite things about winter (of which there are really very few things--maybe sweater dresses and hazelnut hot chocolate. )  I'll be bitching about the cold in a few brief months, but with the 90's and high humidity outside, I'll indulge myself in a little daydreaming.and longing for fall.

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