Saturday, February 06, 2016

postcards: this week

So most of this week has been the same charging train, but there were good moments.  Sunday, I spent more time cooking and painting, Monday was the  premier of our first Aesthetics Zine Night, where I got to sit for a couple of hours and make something entirely new with scissors and sharpies and glue sticks. Also, our Blind Date with a Book display where I had a hard time not hoarding all the books that looked interesting for myself (and truthfully did manage to purloin more than a couple.)  Getting out orders and author books and some review copies of recent titles. A Friday afternoon making posters for our next workshop on old book pages.  A Saturday spent sleeping in and staying home and listening to music.   I'm trying to move slower and more deliberately through the world, and my weekends off are becoming more and more a part of that.  Winter is actually so far being easy on Chicago and there was even some sun a couple days this week.  Soon, the days will be getting noticeably longer and the world will start itching for spring.

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