Sunday, January 31, 2016

This weekend was further confirmation of my need to close up all hermit like and spend my weekend sleeping in and cooking and painting and not talking to anyone but the cats.  I feel like an asshole sometimes when I impose those boundaries but winter makes them necessary more than ever. I do feel like I'm able to handle my week much more productively and successfully when I have that carrot at the end of it, an actual weekend and not just the usual hecticness.  But I did finish a new series of paintings, plus actually cooked a bunch of stuff to eat all week, so I'm feeling virtuous and productive despite my hermitness.  I sometimes feel like I have this really great apartment that I've spent lots of money and time on and I never get to really BE there.  Mostly the cats live there, I keep my clothes there and sleep, but that really feels like all the time I spend there.  I want to change that, but given I work 40 hours / week and then another 15-20 in the studio, 10 or so going to and fro all week, most of my hometime is sleeping save a couple hours at night.  So weekends are an indulgence I refuse to give up.

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