Sunday, February 01, 2015

Today, I woke up to a whirling chaos of snow outside my windows and the glorious, glorious thought that I didn't have to wake up until I was damn ready or even really leave the apartment at all.  After burrowing under my comforter for a few more hours,   I spent some time making some valentines for the vending machine that's part of the Aesthetics series with paper hearts.  I'm thinking I'll reproduce them on some nice thick cardstock and pair them with some envelopes.   Judging by the sound of the wind outside even now, I am guessing I might be hunkered down for another day or so (fingers crossed).  I am also plotting another series of collages and finishing up some I started last weekend.

I've been working toward balance this past week.  So often all my efforts lean toward work and the press to the detriment of writing and art, so I'm trying to even things out a little and make sure that every single day, I am at least accomplishing one thing in each of those arenas (finishing a collage, mocking up notecard designs, sending out submissions). This week I finished the notecards and re-created the prints that I lost when my studio laptop died a couple years back, and created some new ones (the radio ocularia series, a piece from the strange machine collages.)  I've been slowly moving all the paper goods into the shop, and plan to have everything new unveiled by stay tuned..

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