Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today started with some rather productive studio time--lots of author copies, some packaging for the new hairclips, various odds and ends.  I always find it amazing the difference in starting my day there or ending it there.  Spending 8 hours at the library beforehand, while not particularly mentally or physically strenuous, it's still the tail end of the day and I'm usually mentally or physically exhausted by the time I get to the studio and then only have a couple hours before I need to head home.  I'm much more on my game when I'm fresh in the morning and can always adjust the time I get in during heavy work times.

While there was some boring library tasks and unendurable staff meetings in between, it finished on a good not with some writing related things--okaying the final proofs on MCMF for Sundress, submitting poems to a couple places (one solicited, one over the transom), then answering some interview questions about the shared properties...

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