Friday, July 11, 2014

So it is nearing the end of my very much needed week off and amidst the leisurely things like picnics, country weddings, thrifting, and trashy tv viewing, I've made some good headway in getting the new manucript organized and the final poem in the can for ghost landscapes.  I also found new mixing bowls, three cardigans, and a wicker beach bag.  Raided the Swiss Colony outlet for discount cheese and desserts. Swam in too-chilly pool.  Drank two bottles of peach moscato.  Sat outside near a fire pit under the stars.

It's good to get away from daily life and it's demands, even if I'm really not really going anywhere.  I'll have some time off in August for a Wisconsin trip, but this sort of silence is nice, too. A break in the whirlingness. Right now, I'm staving off thoughts of all I need to do when I get back, the book orders to go out, new layouts,  finally printing lunarium, which keeps getting pushed back.  I need some solid time in the studio, which I haven't been able to get in the way I need, and am sort of missing my free mornings (I'm working 11-7 these days at the library, which leaves me only a couple of functioning hours at night unless I go in super early which I do sometimes..)

But summer, inevitably feels like it's slipping away, which means I have only a mere six or seven weeks to cram in as much patio eating, icy drink imbibing, beach romping, outdoorsiness as I can before fall.

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