Monday, July 21, 2014

Am finally settled back in and getting down to business, most notably, starting to comb through the hefty amount of submissions for next year's chapbook series, which have already topped 300 with over a month to go.  I've already read through about 20 and found a good ten or so worthy of a second reading, and another couple that I accepted immediately. I plan to keep reading and responding in smaller batches throughout the remainder of the reading period. Already, there is so much goodness in there I can tell final decisions will be as tough as they always are. 

Remarkably, we are on schedule (well, moreso than usual) on this years books, so there is still a lot of goodness to come throughout the fall.  I have a couple layouts I am working on this week, and a couple new books ready to hatch.  I am also hoping to catch up on orders and then finish printing lunarium, which is stuck in limbo with no real time to actually finish it up.  I will be mailing that and a couple of other little projects I will soon be unveiling soon out to the zine subscribers as well as making some available in the shop individually. 

With salvage pretty much under wraps, I've started on a new segment of the newer book (#7), which also likely be manifesting as a small zine before the end of the year, and hopefully by the end of the year, I will have the entirely completed and all the p's and q's in place.  These are the apocalypse themed poems, the heart of which is apocalypse theory: a reader, but which branches out into some other things of a similar nature.

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