Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Another week. another dolla. Well, not so much dollas, though I did have a little bit extra after payday last week and bought a couple dresses, a cardigan, and have finally am venturing into the 21st century and getting a touchscreen phone (to replace my Samsung Blackberry knock-off).  Otherwise, the weather has been vascillating from hot & muggy to rainy and cool.  I am, however, on the verge of finishing up another full-length project as well as ghost landscapes (which finally has found its footing.).  I'm still uncertain on he the final title, and uncomfortable with the working title, so we'll see what happens before I start sending it out. I need to spend some quality time with ordering with that project this weekend, as well as doing the printing on lunarium, which is ready to go and  which keep getting pushed back because of book orders (a good problem to have, but I am swamped with new books and author copies and paper from one end of the studio to the other .)  I've been trying to take more photos, though (see above) as well as scanning in some old faves...(and the amazing cute coat action therein..)

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