Monday, May 26, 2014

So today, I celebrated Memorial Day by eating chocolate cake for breakfast and sneaking in some extra studio time, wherein I worked on author copies, listened to the Rolling Stones and ate a lot of strawberries. It's  beautiful day, the beaches, of not actual water, full of people and making me feel like I should be playing hooky there instead of toiling away inside.  I've been napping a bit too much, but yesterday morning, let go of something I really need to let go of.  Years ago.  Sort of an emotional purging of sorts that resulted in the aforementioned  napping, but by the time I woke up last night, I was in a good mood and over all of it.    But closure is good.   New promising romantic entanglements are good. (very good).  And I feel a bit like a weight has been lifted or a shadow has been vanquished or whatever euphemism you would like to use. 

In other news, the mockup for lunarium has been completed, fine tuned, and will be available soon.  I'll be shipping to subscribers hopefully by the end of the week. The ghost landscape poems are also humming along and will be ready by the time June rolls around, so I will making a little postcard zine from them.  It's interesting, because they've taken an interesting slightly surreal turn I never intended but it works.  You could pretty much say that about life in general lately.

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