Monday, April 14, 2014

The weekend has been full of rain, but also packing book orders, reading poems, coffee.  Also, beginning to migrate the winter things (sweater dresses, tweeds, autumnal colored fabrics) into the trunks and bringing some of the spring/summer stuff out of hiding (at least the sundresses that look good with all those damn cardigans). It's a little early, but I've painted my toes a bright pink and ordered a new pair of sandals (though it'll be a couple months before I'll probably actually get to wear them).

 This week will be much of the same, hopefully with less rain (though they are threatening snow tomorrow, but I'm going to pretend I didn't see that.)  I'll be working on new books this week and releasing a couple more into the wild. The week is also bisected by a copyright workshop for libraries in Wisconsin, and then a trip home for easter at the end of the week.  And there are other unpleasant things like taxes and laundry before it's finished and all no doubt keeping me away from doing other fun, more writing-oriented things I really want to get some traction on.  I've finished edits on the lunarium poems though, and obtained some lovely glassine envelopes, so I'll be posting some peeks at that later in the week..Until then..

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