Wednesday, April 09, 2014


And so with the night sky the past couple of nights that velvety blue with it's perfect half moon, and with an urge to to make another box project, I've once again turned my attention back to the little moon chap, some of which was gobbled up in the forthcoming major characters in minor films, but most of which I intended to be a zine with something of a visual component (what I wasn't sure of until a couple of days ago.)  Since the poems are, in fact, love letters, I'm amusing myself with thoughts of making them as such and involving all sorts of cool things like moon-related ephemera, diagrams, charts, old stamps, glassine envelopes, stereographs and postcards.  The timing is perfect since I am running a bit slow on the zine I was working on for this month and these things, the letters anyway, are already finished, so I can focus more on the visual aspects while plodding away on those other poems. It will probably be a smaller edition (maybe only 25) since my materials are limited, but I am excited about it. It will be a box thing, sort of cross between what I did with the Cornell project and then later, the Billet Deux missives. All sorts of little pieces to be opened and discovered.  Stay tuned for more details...

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