Friday, January 17, 2014


The end of another week and mostly I am trudging along with usual library and book and press work, but also some serious progress on laying out radio ocularia, which will be debuting in all of its poetry/anatomical goodness likely mid next week. I am also cooking up a little special edition thingy to coincide with girl show's release, which is nigh, and which is  according to BLP, right now at the printers.  I've been working with a co-worker on an exhibit that highlights the ways in which the library can serve as a place for generating and researching creative projects in addition to scholarly ones, so some of the poems a from gs (which involved a lot of research back when it was my thesis) and artwork from the spectacle series, the companion project from which the cover art manifested, will be hitting the walls on the 1st floor, plus some spreads from the zine if I can make it happen in time.

I'm also trying to let go of certain romantic-related things that just need to be put out of their misery, and trying to enjoy new developments (or at this point, merely potential developments) and not backtrack or be nostalgic or all of the other pitfalls I seem to stumble upon when it comes to the male species.   I've learned so much about myself when it comes to these things, but mostly that I have a hard time saying goodbye and moving on when I really should, particularly difficult when nothing else much is happening and I've playing the social hermit far too long. Especially when the person I need to say goodbye to happens to live across the street and seems to careen in and out of my life at regular intervals (and I his.)

On the plus side, I'm hitting one of those swirly, creative maelstrom's lately, which is good since there is so much on the burners coming up on the Seattle trip, not only our usual new book offerings, but also the typewriter anthology, composing and constructing my Dusie chap for the kollectiv, notes and prep for the panel.  Not to mention a big  book coming out and trying to maybe plan some sort of release for that in March or April.   A few other readings (at AWP and elsewhere)  I'm already exhausted thinking about it, but also excited.

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