Sunday, January 12, 2014

something like thawing

So the world outside has thawed just a little bit, and the loads of snow have now dissolved into ginormous puddles and, here and there, piles of grey, muddy snow.  It's supposed to be in the 30's this week, which after last, seems almost spring-like, so I'll take what I can get. Despite the weather, I had a productive week in terms of layouts and designs, and this week will be releasing a slew of chaps (both some holdovers from 2013 and some January titles.)  I've been managing to cut a decent slice through the books I need to make in my time at the studio (only a couple hours til the end of the month when the spring semester begins), so I have a good number of orders set to mail and author copies to be delivered. So January trudges onward, amidst hair color experiments (I'm currently harboring a reddish blonde I'm undecided on), afternoon margaritas as big as my head, and sleepy sundays.

I have the first in the zine series radio ocularia, almost ready to print, and some progress underway on the new chap, terrestrial animal, which I'm excited will debut as part of the dusie kollectiv exchange at AWP end of February (and also online at Dusie at some point down the road).  I'm thinking it it may also be the March zine mailing, so if you want to get dibs now, it's an excellent time to subscribe.  I did the exchange a few years back with brief history of a girl as match and it was so awesome to be getting to see all those chaps, so it should be fun.

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