Sunday, November 03, 2013

fall color and other distractions

(warning:  frivolous girly girl post)

While I still love my blacks and greys, this fall, I seem to be more attracted to color (or maybe it's this year, since I found myself eyeling alot of yellow and orange over the summer as well)...I've been playing a bit more over at Polyvore with color combos and these are my favorites (well, I have cheaper approximates of most of these outfits, but it helps me determine what goes with what and what looks crappy together..)...The pumpkin orange and navy is a fave so far, and I've tried it with the denim dress I bought this summer, as well as a blue polkadot shirtdress and a steel grey/blue one.  I tend to go gravitate more back toward neutrals over the winter and then maybe pastels in the spring.  I am actually missing all my summer dresses already at this point, which have been packed away in suitcases to get them out of my way.

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