Wednesday, July 10, 2013

oh, july

I am back in the saddle after  good weekend at home, including some productive thrifting exploits (a spectacular vintage dress and a couple of cardigans) in addition to the usual picnic/cookout festivities.  I perfected my white sangria via the extensive use of peach schnapps instead of triple sec, pillaged a sale on nail polish at the Dollar General, and possibly ate enough fried chicken that I may sprout feathers.

But mostly I've been doing press related things since I got back, including another dip in the dgp submissions pool that found a couple of keepers, as well as some cover designs for upcoming books from Nikia Chaney  and Lois Marie Harrod.  Plans are also now afoot on AWP Seattle 2014.  We'll be sharing a table with Misty Publications and (if approved by the AWP Powers That Be) engaging in some paneling  and off-site shenanigans with some other women-at-the-helm ventures.  (we also have a special sale going on to help fund such shenanigans and adventures).  

I am mostly just trying to enjoy summer and pretty dresses and ice cream and trying not to worry about things incessantly (pretty much my permanent setting.)

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