Wednesday, July 03, 2013

long weekend

So I am off for the weekend after a tiny three day week that felt like seven (work is a gross place, not the actual work, but certain backstabbing bullshit .As much as I like my summer evenings, I like very much my evening shift so I don't have to witness it at least firsthand.). In general, I feel like I've been put through a washing machine lately and hung out to dry and desperately need some days where I don't have to think or be a grown-up for awhile, to not have to worry about money and meals and where they come from or what I'm going to cook).  
Press-wise, I did manage to finish up a couple of the books that are set to start printing when I get back.    And I'm moving along through edits on the radio ocularia series, plus laying out plans to continue on the landscape text that goes with the tiny paintings.  Wading through submissions continues to find some excellent things for 2014 (I've been previewing some of the authors at the Facebook page if you'd like a peek at what's coming next season.) And there is still so much more this year, as well.  I always think I'm catching up, but we still have a lot going on in the next six months.

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