Thursday, March 07, 2013

treading water

This is beginning to feel like one of those treading water weeks, a week where I am doing enough to keep from sinking. but not really pushing ahead on anything.  I haven't done any writing at all since the weekend, though I did send a few pieces out to a journal and compiled a list of places to send in the future.  I've worked a bit on getting together my review copy list for Noctuary Press (I realized last week that April is a mere month away and the the shared properties of water and stars will be making its way into the world sometime hence.)  And though I've been filling orders and making some requested author copy batches, I haven't completed any layouts or designs or readied the books in process for release (which however means we'll be doing alot next week, expect books from Emily Carr and Sarah Cook.).                        

But I feel like maybe I need a bit of a catch up week for my brain, which has been overworked lately  There are alot of things I'm avoiding--a trickier project layout, my taxes, various odds and ends of things.  But soon we'll be mid-march and I'm planning on being at my parent's over the Easter weekend, and then a Mississippi stay /New Orleans day trip sometime in April around my birthday-ish. And then May and then summer and then more books and nice weather. I just need to get through the hard stuff to enjoy the good stuff.

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