Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our annual winter zoo visit yesterday was very chilly but fun, and included the usual favorites, the Lion House, the slow lorises (lori?), the fennec fox, and the sand cat.  But also, a teeny tiny baby gorilla that was human baby-sized and just learning to crawl.  We sort of walked briskly between buildings and by passed lingering at the outdoor displays, but we survived the 20 degree temps and went to dinner afterwards.

 Today, I am library-bound, though it is very quiet and already I have written a piece for the new chap project I'm working on. I'm juggling between three different projects, possibly four, and still in a steady stream. While the other two are intended to be artists books, I'm thinking this newest one might be a good entry for some chap contests in the spring. (I still have antelope moon floating in the ether, but it's a little to short for contests.  I'm going to try a couple more places when they open up in April with it, but might end up just issuing it myself if no one bites. Either that, or just finding a journal that publishes larger groupings of poems all at once.  I've sent a few of them out there and am waiting on responses individually.  I'm trying to send off one submission a week and so far, have garnered good results thus far, so we'll see.

Last night, I spent hours looking for a dress, part of which was inspired by something I'd posted on polyvore a couple years back and partly which was in my head.  The original version was way too spendy and out of my price range and only seemd to be available in a small or x-small.  I finally found the above after much searching and wound up ordering it immediately.  Of course, I also found something else I just had to have and my paycheck from Friday was burning a hole in my pocket, so I will likely be eating ramen noodles by the end of the month, but at least I'll have pretty dresses for summer.

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