Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And so we move further and further into autumn and I am anxious about all sorts of things, but now am just pushing through to the end of the week and the awesomeness of Theatre Bizarre, which is its own little world away from everything for awhile (be it a world of flame swallowers, burlesque dancers, sideshow performers, and debauchery.)I need to get away for a couple days to restore my sanity and blow off some steam.

Meanwhile, I am making good steady progress on finishing out the last of the 2011/2012 season of books and plotting the next. I still have more than a few submissions still unopened in the inbox, but I plan to finish them off before the end of the month, plus iron out something like a structured schedule for next year's titles, most have which have been accepted already. There are also other things coming before the new year (a box project from Rebecca Dunham, the tarot deck, my radio ocularia artist book thingy.) And of course, preparations for the big holiday open studio in December.

I'll be finishing a couple manuscript projects during this time also and winging them off to certain open reading periods, so here's hoping someone likes them. My productivity in the writing arena waxes and wanes, but I've been pretty steady lately and have some interesting things to show for it.

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