Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sometimes my head feels a little bit like the inside of a cotton candy machine, whirly and pink and full of fluff and spinning so fast I can't keep up.

Otherwise, I am neck deep in dgp manuscripts and have finally cracked the last 100. there is so much goodness there, I think you will love the books we'll be publishing next year so much. I'm hoping to have all decisions made by the end of the semester. There were a little over 500 total, so I've actually done a decent job keeping up as they came in so things aren't too hairy as of yet. In other press news, there is an interview up with moi at side b magazine, as well as a number of books coming soon that are in the layout process.

I was excited to learn that some pieces had been accepted for an alumni show at CC, all segments from my anatomy series project (it's going to be an interactive/pop-up sort of project with text and image.) And in other visual goodness, I finally got a sneak peak of the girl show cover, which I will share soon. It's just one of my collages, but the designer did such lovely things with it I loved it even more than the original.

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