Monday, September 03, 2012

Another Labor Day weekend come and gone and there's another slow impending slide into autumn..well at least I hope it's slow. And despite unearthing my fall clothes from the back of the closet, I am planning on holding out in my sundresses and flip flops for as long as I can anyway (we won't even think about winter, I have no clue where my coat is). Otherwise it's been a laid back weekend that began with a friends birthday celebration and a little too much whiskey, but is finishing with some house cleaning and movie watching most likely. Yesterday, I procured some groceries and attempted my own bbq chicken pizza, which turned out deliciously. I did a little poem notetaking, but I'm a bit too scattered of late to actually make something coherent and poem-like (or even incoherently poem like). I will be back to working evenings finally, which means I will be back to being more awake in general, which is good for the muse who tends to shut down when I don't get enough sleep.

I finally caught up at work but the next few weeks will be a steady flow of reserve processing (and since I am officially claiming it as my own, it will continue to be like that). This week is always a frenzy with everyone back on campus and actually excited (for a little while) about their classes. Inevitably, I start looking longingly again at the Book & Paper program and idly toying with the idea of enrolling. Mind you, I usually talk myself out of it by the time the deadline comes around for applying. About midway through my Poetry MFA, I decided I was really too old for this shit, but I finished it off anyway, even though I questioned whether it was worth all the the bad stuff for the kernal of good. I have to remind myself of that whenever I gaze logingly at the Book & Paper Center brochure.

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