Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today, we played hooky for a bit from the library and headed up to the Cultural Center's Morbid Curiosities exhibit, which had all sorts of amazing death's head/skull art, including a giant chandelier made from bones (well, plaster bones) and a sizeable collection of skeleton book plates. The thing that most excited me was an actual White's Physiological Manikin, which set my wheels turning on the anatomical series I've been working on. I had discovered a foldout/popup anatomy book a few months ago, which was what inspired the entire series, but had no idea that a life-size version existed. My heart nearly stopped as I rounded the corner and saw it. It was all tied tight together and you couldn't touch it, but I would have loved to unfold it.

Otherwise, I am getting ready for the weekend and working on a few press related marketing details--a newletter mailing list, how better to use social marketing. I am also thinking about the reformatting of wicked alice that is underway and how that might look. (I'm hoping to unveil it July 1st if all goes well.) I have also been playing around a bit on tumblr and created a sort of portfolio page. I actually nixed the news page on my website and replaced it with this which I can update more easily that going in and coding things on the website. I still like blogger for my journaling purposes, though, so I'll still be here regardless of how tumblr works out.

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