Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another end to a warm, busy weekend, filled with readings and bookmaking and berries and excellent mexican food. Last nights' event went off swimmingly, all of the readers work fitting together so nicely. I am always so proud of the work we publish and the writers we draw together. Today I did some grocery shopping, but mostly stayed home and prepared this week's plan of attack. My vacation at the end of the month is so close I can almost taste it, but alas not close enough just yet.

I've also been thinking about drama queens, not even the female ones I've known (and probably have been on occasion) but the male version (who I admit has been an object of previous/ongoing affection for the past year or so). Until another friend mentioned the term in conjuntion with him, I hadn't really seen it. How people, friends, love interests, seem to be held in a weird orbit around him. How much, in his absence, and by everyone, this person's name is mentioned. How people are drawn to him. It's hard to get away from that orbit, especially when you really need to to save your own emotional well-being and cut your losses.

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