Saturday, February 11, 2012

strange seed

This is another piece from the above series. I am hoping to have some prints done and the original matted by the time the open studio rolls around. I also had some mini-business cards for the press made up from this image which should be arriving later this month. I've though about turning the entire series into a little accordian style zine eventually should I ever have a chance to get to it. I am particularly in love with this one and racoons, which I have emblazoned over my FB page. I am oddly of late obsessed with nesting things inside of other things and have been working on some more of the shipwreck/mermaid pieces as well as resuming work on the project using those old photos and cabinet cards that I set aside for other things.

Otherwise, I am mostly hiding from a nasty return of winter weather this weekend and recuperating from a little too much giant raspberry margarita related fun Friday night (in which I drank about 3, managed to spill one, and talked so much and so loudly my throat sort of hurts today, but, oh my, it was fun.) Just the thing to kick those oh-my-god-it's-still-winter-isn't-it? blues. This weeks plans include shipping out a whole lot of author copies on latest books and getting out a few new releases from Gillian Devereux, Amanda Ackerman, Megan Fernandes, and possibly more depending on how quickly I move through my to do list.


Robert Mc said...

Really amazing image--thanks for posting it!

Charlotte said...

What a cool print!