Saturday, January 07, 2012

We have been blessed this week with some amazingly mild and lovely weather and there have been dinners out with my favorite poetry people, an excellent reading for the First Friday series, and tonight a birthday party for a work friend downtown that involves both Mexican food and fine tequila, so I am keeping busy and distracted, which I so need during this normally bleak time of the year. Yesterday, I printed out both the JF project and the beautiful, sinister poems from the private blogs where they reside and it was comforting to see them tangibly on the page, evidence of the past few months of work. (or in the case of the latter, a couple years of work.) I've taken well to using the blogs for most of my projects. It's been recommended by a few other poets/writers I know and sometimes it almost tricks me into thinking of writing more like blogging and there is not so much pressure and everything is there together, plus I can link to other things I need to make note of, writing prompts, etc.

It was a little exhilarating last night to debut so much new work in front of audience and a pretty big one at that (and, a little unusual, so many people I don't know and don't know me). This is not surprising since I sadly don't get to many readings anymore, reading or listening. Every year I vow to change this, but somehow work and the press and a million other things get in the way schedule-wise. It feels good though when it happens, sharing work, especially the new stuff. I think for the first time in a while I could not wait to show them to someone. (I also don't submit enough anymore, but that's a whole other blog entry.)

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