Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today, the first real snow and a bit of romantic backpeddling for no reason other than that I fell asleep thinking about it and decided on the bus ride to work to tap my inner masochistic tendencies. Luckily, I came to my senses later in the day and saved myself some grief by deleting the messages I intended for someone. (a whole lot of grief, possibly years of grief given past experience). But it’s winter, it can be expected.

Meanwhile, I am tweaking chapbook layouts and beginning to get fully restocked for AWP, which is a mere 7 weeks away. Since I only keep copies of the most recent titles in stock, that means I need to make at least two copies of everything we’ve published that’s still available. We’ll be hosting a big open studio one of the afternoon/evenings of the conference since we aren’t having table this year (more details as these plans firm up.) There's is also my the chapbook panel Friday afternoon and I'll be reading for Sundress Publications on Thursday with other Sundress editor folks and Best of the Net anthology poets. On one hand, I'm sad we'll be missing the book fair (I just couldn't swing the $450 to get a spot and since we have so many books, sharing isn't an option.) On the other hand, it might be nice to actually get to take in some panels and readings for the first time in several years of attending the conference. I haven't really gotten a chance to do that since that first AWP back in 2004, which was a crazy whirl of information and ideas.

I also have a huge library order for most of the books we've published to get underway asap, so I’ll be making those as well (this is very awesome since not only is it an amazing library, but the money will not only allow me to get the new laser printer I have my eye on, but also should take care of funding the tarot project which has been sitting on the back burner.)

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Outsideofacat said...

yes, i was wondering about the tarot project - how is that looking? i'm sad i missed the chance of being part of it (i think i did anyway - correct me if i'm wrong!) but i definitely want to see the result! such a cool idea! please keep me posted!